We specialize in Chicago made Schwinn collectible tourist styled bicycles: Breezes, Collegiates, Racers, Suburbans and Middle Weights.  These classic bicycles are fantastic for commuting, exercise and recreation.
More and more bicycle riders are becoming interested in these retro-styled bikes that are designed comfortably with the upright handle bars and equipped with a deluxe mattress styled saddle seat.  Unlike many bicylces manufactured in past years as well as today, all of our Schwinn bikes were originally assembled by authorized dealers at the time of purchase.

All of our current bicycles were manufactured between 1965 - 1975 in Chicago, Illinois at the Schwinn Bicycle Company.

The single or 3-speed Breezes, Racers and Speedsters, 5-speed Collegiates and 10-speed Suburbans are all tourist styled bikes for those who prefer the comfort of riding upright.

Our collection of 5-speed Krates and Stingrays are equipped with vintage Schwinn headlight and generator sets, speedometers, checker board mirrors and turn signals.

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